Saas sales techniques: how to skyrocket your conversion rate?

Michael Guerrand

December 4, 2019

If you want your company to thrive, you definitely want your sales rep to be efficient, creative, effective and aware of the best saas sales techniques. If you are in the Saas industry, we know what you’re thinking about…

“Saas products sell themselves”

Well… Not really. Even though Saas products might sell themselves pretty well, organic growth has a limit that your competitors have already snapped with the help of a magic and powerful sales team.

Sales are the finish line of a company’s growth. A startup might have the best product on the market with an awesome marketing team, the massive success rely on salespeople.

1) Saas Sales techniques for success:

Identify the decision maker

You definitely want to make the best out of your conversations and not waste any of your time or theirs. What’s best for this than to simply talk to the right person? Lead qualification is the first step of your journey to get more quick closes.

The thing is, a lot of decision makers will send other people of their team on the battlefield, and you definitely don’t want to fight. So, how to identify the decision maker?

Well, I hope you love Linkedin, because it will probably be your new bestfriend… Let’s talk about stalking done right for a Saas startup. You definitely want to find someone able to make decisions on what type of tool they use for them or their company. But how to find them in the giant maze of a social media platform? Well… A little bit of logic and a little bit of digging might be the perfect formula!

Let’s say you sell a messaging tool that will help your clients masterise the art of follow-up, who will be the best person to decide whether or not they will use this tool, a salesperson, the sales team manager, or the CEO? Well… Even though the CEO can definitely be a decision maker, no need to reach this high. The sales team manager will definitely be the right target. See? It is that simple!

Start practical

It sounds cold and awful but sales process can be long and painful. Asking practical questions early in the process can help you focus on how to help your prospect and give them the best experience possible with your product. Don’t be shy, any questions about budget, timetable or any other not so fun topics need to be asked in the beginning. This way, you will have all the key informations to make the best out of your conversations with your brand new future client… Which leads us to our next step.

Stop talking!

Once you have all the practical informations, stop talking! Yes, you heard it right. What is the best way to perfectly understand their needs than to let them speak? We know you want to show your potential customer how awesome is your product, but is it really for them? Well, probably. The thing is… Your product probably has many features, but your prospect would probably need (and be happy with) only half of them. Giving too much untargeted informations will show your prospect that you don’t really care about what they really need, and that you are just here to show off a well crafted-Saas. It’s hard to hear… But you are not the only one to pitch and unless you bring them strong value, they don’t really care about your product. Which brings us to the perfect ratio for a prospect-centered conversation that REALLY adds value and will make you sell your awesome product.

The 70/30 rule of a well done conversation

The 70/30 rule of a well done conversation is an easy saas sales technique. Your potential customer and future client needs to do 70% of the talking, while the salesperson as little as 30%.

What does it mean? Well, as a salesperson, your role is to solve other people’s problem with the perfect solution for them. Guide your client in the conversation to make them see your product, service or software as the solution they need. Ask open questions and take notes of their answers.

Pitch the solution, not the product

What they need is a solution to a problem, not a product. The thing is, they might not even be conscious of the problematic they have. The final step is to sell, we all agree on that. The first step though, is to make them realise they have a problem they need to solve.

You don’t buy the organic smoothie because you like the name. You order it for the taste, the consistency and the vitamins. The smoothie is a solution to make you feel healthy and full of energy in a short time period. It is the same for your prospect, they need to understand correctly how, where and when your product will help them.

Long story short, prepare your pitch with insights and detailed informations.

Storytelling done right

Ever heard of neuromarketing? It's the application of neuroscience to marketing, and here... To sales. And storytelling is the best way to play this game.

If you’ve watched any Tedx Talk recently, you have probably seen that the speakers often talk about their private life or events that happened to them. There is a reason for that. Storytelling includes the direct use of brain imaging, scanning, or any other brain activity to create a subject's response. Here: the purchase.

By telling your potential customer a story, they will imagine themselves using your product and getting the full benefits of it. The best story you could tell is how you helped another client achieve their goals with your help.

The sunny day technique

Ever asked yourself how many times a day you started a conversation about the bad weather, the traffic, or how much you hate your loud neighbors? Bingo. You complain too much (I know, it hurts...).

Be the sunshine of your customer's day, they complain just like you do and hear people complaining all day just like you do too. Positivity is the best state of mind a human can be in to take any little to big decision. You definitely want to be associated to this, so smile and be happy to make their day a sunny day!

The builder technique

Consider your relationship with your prospect as a house construction project. Take time to build the relationship as if you were building a house.

We always buy more to people we trust. Focus on creating solid and trustworthy foundations that will lead to close deals and to a strong and constant growth.

Build trust from the beginning… To the end!

What's a best way to build trust than to bring some positivity and humour in the sales process? We are all humans, the lucky ones love their jobs and products, make it cool!

End conversations with high notes that can be as little as a joke on the same birthday or a same color shirt. And don’t be shy to make honest compliments. Studies show that a fake compliment gives the exact same result as a real one. However, remember what's important? To build TRUST. And what's best for that than an honest positive compliment?

Even though a false compliment can give you the same result, we recommend you only to go for honesty.

The puppy dog close

We will keep the secret, we know you are melting in front of a puppy, we all do. But what a puppy has to do with professional modern sales techniques? If you’ve ever been involved in the process of adoption, you know more than anybody that holding a cute puppy will give you the enthusiasm you need to go back home with them.

Imagine that your product is a cute puppy between hundreds of other puppies. What’s the best way to make a potential customer purchase your product instead of another one? Let them try it! If they try it and love it, the job is done.

“If I, will you?”

Negotiations can be tough sometimes, especially when you lose your focus on your prospect’s satisfaction and focus more on your numbers. Remember, a good salesperson is a problem solver, always keep your prospect’s concerns in mind!

A good way to break hard negotiations is to make it collaborative. “If I, will you?” simply means “If I do this for you, will you be ready to move forward in this process?”. This way, you show that you really care about their satisfaction and that you are willing to put efforts to make them happy.

Give options

It's never a matter of price. All prices are too high, but you can't put a price on value. However, people love to have options on price, features, or any other detail you can offer option on.

Giving options is also a great way to upsell. Let’s say you have a freemium option, an option for freelancers or solopreneurs and another option for agencies and corporations. Going from freemium to the second option will be good for entrepreneurs who are thriving, and going from the second to the third option will be useful for freelancers who are starting their own business or agency. See? Options for everybody!

The now or never close

This technique is particular and doesn’t work for everybody. However, if you correctly identified the need of your prospect, it is good to use this joker to close a sale.

Low prices for limited time, discounts if the potential customer signs up today... All those techniques are a “now or never” close. And it makes you look special, what could be better?

Sense of urgency

Sense of urgency induces the feeling that we are going to lose something if we don’t sign up as soon as possible.

One way of doing it is quite similar to the now or never close, without the “never”. It can be first month free to induce the purchase. The goal here is to show them they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by choosing you and trusting you. Remember the builder technique?

Another way of inducing urgency is to show them data about your other clients or their competitors. They need your product right NOW!

You’re not alone

No, we are not talking about Michael Jackson (RIP). You’re not alone means something very important for your future customer, their problematic is normal and their competitors are working to solve it as well while we are talking.

For example, one of the biggest problem in closing deals is the huge amount of lost deals due to inefficient communication, and everybody knows it. Just think about all the prospects that ghosted you in the past. We know, it hurts. A quick and easy follow-up could have prevented all this ghosting but maybe you didn’t know that a messaging tool optimized for salespeople like Fairwai existed.

The 5 minutes technique

The first 5 minutes are crucial, but according to Drift (lead response survey), only 7% of the surveyed companies are currently achieving this 5 minutes goal of lead response time. You are wondering what are the consequences for the other 93%. Let’s dig in.

78% of customers choose the company that answers their request first. So unless you are some kind of modern magician, you better be the first one. And you know what’s best than a 5 minutes rule? a ONE MINUTE rule. Guess what, sales conversions are 391% higher in the first minute. And we are talking about real conversions, imagine reaching this goal? You would definitely skyrocket your conversion rate.

If you take any longer than 5 minutes, the result is sad and simple, you will loose 80% of your lead qualification. But you know what’s the good news? Right now, 55% of companies take more than 5 business days to respond. You know what to do!

The 6 attempts technique

Everybody is busy and nobody has time. Actually, this is true only if you contact your leads once or twice. We talked about follow-up several times already, but this is where we explain why following up is important.

A regular follow-up gives the prospect the opportunity to share their doubts, concerns or objections, and this is an excellent opportunity to definitely show them there is no need to doubt on the efficiency of your product. It is also an excellent way to deeply understand your future client needs and to cross-sell if anything looks more suitable.

It means you need to focus on your client’s “No”. According to Marketing Donut on their follow-up study, 92% of salespeople give up between one and four “Nos” while only 8% contact their leads more than that. During those last times, those 8% of salespeople generate 80% of the sales, that is HUGE.

There's also the fact that 63% of people requesting information on your company today will not purchase for at least three months, while 20% will take more than 12 months to buy. Long story short, you definitely need to follow-up.

The perfect when

Now that you know you need to follow-up, knowing when to do it is important. Would you like to be disturbed in your busy day? Of course not, and your potential customer neither. The best moments to contact your leads are early morning or late afternoon, on wednesdays or thursdays.

2) Bonus: the best phrases to get a YES!

1) “What steps do we have to take to make this collaboration happen?”

2) “Are there any things that could compromise this deal from happening?”

3) “Regarding our discussion, do you think our Saas is a solution suited for your needs? Why?”

4) “When are you ready to make a decision and integrate a solution?”

5) “When is the best timing to book our next meeting?”

6) "Is there any reason that you wouldn't choose our solution at the moment?”

7) "If we could find a solution to your objections, would you be ready to sign up next week?”

8) “Thinking about everything you said, I think one of these two options would work better for you. Would you prefer to go for [option 1] or [option 2]?”

9) "You said you needed a solution by next week. If you signed up by thursday, I can ensure you that we have enough time for training and implementation. Sounds good?"

10) “Do you feel good enough to move forward in the process? I can send you the proposition with the contract right now.”

11) “Unless you have any more questions or concerns regarding our solution, I think we're all good to get started.”

12) "On a scale from 1 to 10, how confident are you that our solution will be the one you need?" "

13) "Let's talk about what costs are involved here."

14) "If you can make this deal happen today, I can also offer you [options]."

15) "I understand that you can't sign up right. However, this specific offer is only available until next wednesday, so I would need a signed contract by wednesday morning the latest to maintain this discount for you."

Knowing how to talk to your prospect to make them go further in the sales process is the ABC of sales. But knowing how to close deals is the ultimate goal, the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, the (...) Anyway, you name it! We hope you wrote down all the Saas sales techniques we gave you here so you can definitely start to boost your conversion rate with the help of the best modern sales techniques that really work today.