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Fairwai is a collaboratif workspace to plan, share and follow up your meetings in one place.

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Créé pour les business developer et leurs équipes.

2020 a bousculé notre manière de travailler.
Les rendez-vous en visios sont devenus plus nombreux et rythment notre quotidien.
On passe de l’un à l’autre sans avoir réellement le temps de les préparer, de les partager et d’en faire le follow-up.

Les meetings génèrent peu de valeur ajoutée et sont en plus très chronophages. Un problème pesant quand on est commercial ou business developer... et que l’on en enchaîne jusqu’à 8 par jour !

Fairwai est un outil de collaboration qui se connecte à vos outils et simplifie la gestion de tous vos meeting. Vous passez moins de temps à les organiser, et plus de temps à leur donner du sens.

Donner du sens à vos meetings

Designed for teams and business developer 

In 2020, video meetings have become more popular and punctuate our daily life. We go from one to another without really having the time to plan them.

As a result, meetings generate little added value and are high labor-intensive . This is a serious problem when you are a business developer and you have up to 8 meetings a day!

Fairwai is a collaboration tool that connects to your tools and simplifies the management of all your meetings. You spend less time organizing them, and more time making sense of them.

Make sense of your meetings

More productive meetings, in all simplicity.

Invite your customers in just a few clicks

Directly from your video conferencing tools or all right by email.Your Zoom and Google contacts can be imported automatically. They create an account in 30 seconds and access the Fairwai discussion space.
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Planning a meeting has  never been easier

Create a meeting from a template to save time, the agenda is shared automatically before the meeting. Choose your favorite tool from Fairwai (Zoom, Meet, Teams, ...) and launch the meeting.
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September 2020

Enjoy your meetings take place on Fairwai

Zoom integrates directly into your workspace. Benefit from all the features during your meetings: shared and private note taking, document sharing, access to the agenda, history of old notes, discussions are kept, etc...

Follow up efficiently after your meetings

Access the Recording of the meeting as well as all the notes and media that have been shared, in a blink of an eye. Continue discussions with your contacts to debrief and plan the actions to be taken before the next meeting. Communication never stops.
Quarterly report IDF team
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Léa Sovienski
for action: update the development schedule. Send the production items next weekend. Decline the PPT for the sales team.
Find all technical resources on the following link.

The future of your meetings starts here

Remote working has become the new standard. And it changes the way we collaborate.

Each user uses an average of 2.5 video conferencing tools. Zoom records 300 million video conferencing meetings every day.

Fairwai offers an innovative way to manage your meetings on a daily basis. Adapted to today's challenges, focused on transparency and collaboration, for a perfect alignment with your attendees and your objectives.

Make sense of your meetings

The "all-in-one" solution that centralizes the management of your meetings

Calendar integration
Synchronize your calendars and access your future meetings to enrich them.
Meeting scheduling
Create meetings quickly with templates and manage them from a common interface to have a clear view of your daily priorities.
Video conferencing integration
Zoom meeting, Google Meet (coming soon), Microsoft teams (coming soon) and stay in the same Fairwai environment.
Shared notes taking
Take notes in real time during your meetings, then share them afterwards with your attendees and/or discuss them via the conversation tool.
Assigned tasks
Before, during, and after your meeting, each note can become a task assigned to a person, he will then receive the summary by email automatically and/or in his Fairwai space.
Conversational tool
Invite your colleagues via Slack and your customers via Fairwai to join a secure discussion space. Exchange with them asynchronously, easier and faster than emails.

What salespeople think about Fairwai

It's simple with Fairwai, my meetings are shorter and more efficient. The number has increased and the time spent has decreased.
Kristen Corbel
International Key Account Manager @Clarios
The tool that has allowed me to transform my vision on meetings, with Fairwai my meeting objectives are clear and precise for me but also for the people I invite.
Ludovic Benoit
Senior Sales @Napsis

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