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Choose a template adapted to your goals

Invite your collaborators to show your results, your product in a different way

Experience an asynchronous meeting to structure your thinking

The secret to perfect collaboration

Too many meetings, kills the meeting. Depending on your goal, Fairwai drives you on the right collaboration for each of your projects.

0% wasted time.

A unique and inclusive co-creation experience.

The visio is invited into your content and not the opposite. Your projects stay on top of your attention.

100% collective.

Empower your teams.

Unleash the potential of every team member through transparency and shared responsibility to make better decisions.

100% autonomy.

Save time and performance

All your interactions all in one workspace: your meetings, your contribution, your tasks and those of your team. Fairwai empowers the alignment of your teams.

Collaborate with trust

You know who's contributing on which project in full transparency, you can collaborate whenever you want.


It's the combination of Google Calendar Meet and Doc in one tool.


With Figma and Notion, there are several steps to present my work, while with Fairwai, I launch a live from my project, it's simple and efficient

Sandra BRügen

22 JAN

Une journée zen, c’est possible !

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Bjorg Van Beck

20 JAN

À 17h, on ferme l’ordinateur.

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Collaborative notes and tasks in async and sync mode in one tool

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